Alex Downey

Day On Air:

  • Vivid

    29-06-2016 @ 19:30 pm - 21:00 pm

An unsung stalwart of the British Techno scene, Alex Downey has been an ardent supporter of quality underground music and a prominent purveyor of all things electronic as a DJ, vinyl pusher, and radio presenter for well over two decades.

Alex was a key figure behind the counter at Brighton’s legendary Covert Records and has amassed an insanely immense record collection spanning the house, techno and electro spectrum, while his unrestricted sets behind the decks have earned him much respect and a great reputation amongst the global electronic community.

More recently, he’s gained residency at Brighton’s ‘First Floor’ party playing alongside the likes of Function and XDB, and has been taken on the books of Third-Ear boss Guy McCreery’s ‘Guaranteed Connection’ artist agency. He’s the high priest at his new business venture, ‘The Temple of Vinyl’, a monumental warehouse stocked floor to ceiling with vinyl, whilst his his broad taste and consummate selection skills that can be heard on his weekly ‘Vivid’ radio shows, on Brighton’s Trickstar Radio every Wednesday evening, are essential listening. One of the UK’s treasures, solidly and confidently attending to business while other media-hyped storms have come and gone.

Alex Downey