Beat Connection w/ Gareth Evans

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Bring your Sunday to a close with Gareth Evans let him take you on journey of spaced out psychedelic Techno, Italo Disco, Indie and Electronica.

With a true ear for song selection Gareth Evans has been perfecting his sound by playing from party to party over the last decade. As some one who sees there being no rules in DJing he is know for his eclectic taste and wide array of musical knowledge.

He is currently holding a number of residencies at long standing London parties Chase the Compass, Cubed and the Magic Roundabout in Old Street and closer to home he was recently picked up by Concorde2 where he has graced the main stage on behalf of Trickstar a number times. To add to that he was a key protagonist in organising last years Pride event at Poole Valley.

As a producer he has released under a number of different monikers, His remix work under Discordance was notably picked up by Richard Norris from Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, Heretic, The Emperor Machine, Gabe Gurnsey (Factory Floor) and others alike.


Beat Connection w/ Gareth Evans

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