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DRTY LAUNDRY bring you the perfect mix of Future beats / Hip-hop / Soul / Lo-fi/ Neo Soul / Jazz / Ambient / Funk / Rap every Sunday.

The DRTY LAUNDRY show consists of four Brighton hip-hop producers and DJs: Poko-AM, Maskulin, Bakimbo and [klsr]. Coming from a production background, they have a range of songs under the DRTY LAUNDRY collective along with other artists that culminate as regular compilation albums of local content. This content filters through into the radio show as DRTY LAUNDRY often showcase exclusive songs and aims to promote local artists. The beats created and played in the show can span a variety of genres as the aim is simply to bring good vibes to people’s Sundays.

Check out DRTY LAUNDRY’s ¬†Facebook page, releasing chronological Volumes of material on a monthly basis as well as live stream of the radio show and live performance content.